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Laboratories need to operate with great care and precision, but laboratory managers also need to be mindful of operating costs. At ams OSRAM there is a long history of providing high quality products at great value to the medical and scientific markets. From ultraviolet to visible, ams OSRAM has high performance light source solutions for the laboratory professional.

Application Information

Products for Laboratory & Analysis

XBO® ≤ 450

Xenon Short-arc

XBO lamps are intense point sources that provide a broad, continuous spectrum and have nearly perfect color rendering in the visible range. Double ended, reflector, and ceramic xenon options are available.

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HBO® & HXP® ≤ 200W

Mercury Short-arc

HBO and HXP lamps are intense point sources that provide broad spectrum through the visible and ultraviolet ranges.

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Low Voltage Halogen (<75) & HLX®

Halogen – Low Voltage

State-of-the-art halogen processes provide precise filament alignment for high quality optics. HLX technology offers enhanced output.

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Black Light / UV-A

Low Pressure Discharge

OSRAM black light and black light blue lamps offer UV output in the 350nm-365nm range and are available in T5, T8, T12, and compact configurations.

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PURITEC® HNS® UV-C Germicidal Lamps

Low Pressure Discharge

OSRAM low pressure germicidal UV-C lamps emit 254nm ultraviolet radiation to purify and disinfect without the use of harmful chemicals.

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