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The technology behind image projection has progressed to high intensity projection devices used today in conference rooms, classrooms, and even homes around the world. As an industry leader, ams OSRAM continues to be at the forefront, offering high performance P-VIP® lamps for both front projectors and rear projection television. Only with genuine OSRAM P-VIP lamps can you be sure to experience the high quality and long life you need.

Application Information

Front Projection

Front projection devices have become a “must-have” in most school classrooms, conference rooms and home theaters around the world. The team at ams OSRAM works in close collaboration with equipment manufacturers to provide the highest level of system performance for every make and model it serves. Reliable, high intensity performance coupled with long lifetimes makes OSRAM P-VIP lamps the top choice when making replacements.

Rear Projection

Home Theaters grew in popularity with large screen rear projection televisions that allowed people to experience the cinema from the comfort of their homes. For those still enjoying their big screens, ams OSRAM has an extensive line of replacement P-VIP lamps that will make an old TV seem like new. Don’t be fooled by generic brands, only original OSRAM P-VIP lamps will provide the performance and quality you need!

Products for Video / TV Projection

P-VIP® Projection Lamps & Assemblies

Genuine OSRAM P-VIP lamps and assemblies provide bright, crisp light with long life-times, and are used in front projection devices and rear projection televisions.

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