Specialty Lampholders / Sockets

Robust and reliable for high temperature applications

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ceramic housings designed specifically for high temperature halogen and metal halide applications
  • High quality contact materials for optimal mechanical and electrical properties
  • UL recognized and CE certified
  • Wide selection of socket types available in stock for both halogen and metal halide systems
  • Custom solutions available on a special order basis

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Product Details

Lampholders, also referred to as sockets, are key drivers of performance in any lighting system. OSRAM socket products are of the highest quality in order to provide a safe and reliable connection that maximizes the life and performance of the lamp and socket system.

A variety of sockets are stocked with the most frequently requested lead lengths, wire gauges and wire types, and these are available to order in smaller SKU quantities. There are also additional types available on a Made-to-Order basis for higher volume requests. To view our broader portfolio of products please refer to our complete Lampholder Catalog. You can also contact us with any custom OEM requests.

Single End

High quality single end sockets available for halogen and metal halide lamps.

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Double End

Sockets designed for high temperature double end halogen lamps.

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The OSRAM PAR socket is a high performance, best in class socket for GX16d based PAR lamps.

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