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OSRAM HBO® Mercury short-arc lamps with power between 200W and 25,000W are used primarily as UV light sources in the manufacture of microchips, Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) and Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). As a result of the continuous cooperation between ams OSRAM, as the lamp manufacturer, and the device manufacturers or the local users, a wealth of mercury short-arc lamps and their variants have been developed to ensure the right radiation for virtually any application. ams OSRAM also produces Infrared (IR) lamps for Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) offering high quality performance to the meet the critical demands of the semiconductor industry.

Application Information

Products for Semiconductor

HBO® > 200W

Mercury Short-arc

OSRAM high performance HBO lamps provide the precision and reliability required by the Semiconductor industry.

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Infrared (IR)

Tungsten Halogen

OSRAM IR lamps are easy to control, fast re-acting thermal sources ideal for RTP applications.

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