HBO® and HXP® Mercury Short Arc Lamps (≤ 200W)

Intense broad spectrum light sources

HBO & HXP Mercury Short Arc Lamps ≤ 200W

Key Features and Benefits

  • High luminance / radiance with intense point source
  • Broad spectral distribution in the visible and ultraviolet range
  • Enhanced UV characteristics available on some types
  • High arc stability

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Product Details

OSRAM HBO and HXP Mercury Short Arc Discharge Lamps (≤ 200W) are intense point sources that provide a broad spectrum through the visible and ultraviolet range. These lamps are optimal sources for fiber illumination devices for Medical, Scientific, and various Industrial areas. The broad spectrum makes these lamps ideal for microscopy applications.

HBO® ≤ 200W Double End

HBO® ≤ 200W Double End





Type of Current

Avg. Lifetime

69213HBO 50W AC L150
39 - 45AC100
69214HBO 50W AC L25034 - 39AC100
69215HBO 50W/35020 - 26DC200
69217HBO 100W/210017 - 25DC200
69182HBO 103W/210017 - 25DC300
69198HBO 200W/2 L120057 - 65AC
69224HBO 200W/420054 - 63AC200
69225HBO 200W/DC20048 - 65DC1000
69163HBO 200W/DC TM20057 - 65DC400
69316HBO 202W/420057 - 65AC200

*Different operation cycles may apply. Request product data sheet for details.

HBO® R and HXP® R ≤ 200W (with Reflector)

HBO® R and HXP® R ≤ 200W (with Reflector)

Product Number

Product Description



Type of Current

Avg. Life

69311HBO R 103W/4510020 - 25DC300
68895HXP R 120W/17C 12070 - 95AC2000
69120HXP R 120W/45C UV12060 - 90AC2000
69119HXP R 120W/45C VIS12060 - 90AC2000
69820HXP R 200W 85V/45M 20060 - 96AC2000

For Your Safety

Due to their high luminance, UV radiation, and high internal pressure in the hot state, HBO and HXP lamps may only be operated in enclosed lamp casings designed for their operation. Since mercury is released if the lamp breaks, special safety precautions must be taken. More information is available upon request, or can be found in the leaflet or operating instructions included with the lamp. You can also review our Product Safety Guide.

Product Safety Guide
Applications for HBO & HXP ≤ 200W


Medical & Scientific

  • Microscopy
  • Laboratory & Analysis
  • UV Curing
  • Fiber Illumination


  • Fiber Illumination
  • Microscopy
  • UV Curing
  • Solar Simulation



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Professional & Industrial Applications
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