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Versatility for a broad range of applications

Light is versatile

Industrial fields cover a variety of applications that require light and energy ranging through the ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectrums. As an innovative leader in specialty lighting, ams OSRAM offers both equipment manufacturers and end users an extensive line of light sources and expertise to meet the continuously growing areas of industrial applications. For information on light sources for these or other industrial applications:

Application Information

Products for Industrial Applications

XBO Traditional and Xtreme Life (XL) Lamps

Xenon Short-arc

OSRAM XBO lamps provide intense point sources with superior performance and stability ideal for solar simulation.

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XBO® ≤ 450W

Xenon Short-arc

Lower wattage XBO lamps are used for microscopy and fiber-optic applications were superior color quality and color rendering are required.

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Metal Halide

Some high wattage, efficient HMI metal halide lamps can be used in solar simulation.

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HBO® & HXP® ≤ 200W

Mercury Short-arc

HBO and HXP lamps are intense point sources that provide a broad spectrum through the visible and ultraviolet ranges and can be used for UV inspection and curing.

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Metal Halide

OSRAM Spectral lamps provide the precision needed for spectral calibration.

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Black Light / UV-A

UV-A Discharge

OSRAM Black light and Black light Blue UV-A lamps are available in both linear and compact forms for applications as material testing and inspection as well as insect traps.

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Halogen (<75V) & HLX®

Halogen – Low Voltage

The OSRAM brand offers an extensive line of precision low voltage halogen lamps used for industrial applications.

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