HMI® Metal Halide Lamps

Reliably bringing daylight and true color to the film and TV industry

HMI Lamp Family

Key Features and Benefits

  • High intensity light simulates daylight color temperature of 6000K with a CRI>90
  • Enhanced safety with UV-Stop (UVS) feature on select HMI single-end lamps
  • Longer life with heat dissipating round moly-foil design
  • Mechanically robust with eXtreme Seal (XS) technology, up to 450°C at the pinch seal​
  • Capable of hot restrike ignition
  • High color stability with average changes in color temperature during lamp life only 1°K/hr
  • Dimmable down to 40% with stable color using many electronic ballasts
  • High energy efficiency providing 100 LPW​

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Technology Highlights

OSRAM has gained industry recognition for the invention and continuous improvement of HMI® lamps, receiving an OSCAR® in 1987 and a PRIME TIME EMMY® Engineering Award in 2007. Today, OSRAM also offers new technology improvements in the HMI® UVS (UV-Stop), HMI® EVENT, and HMI® Director Series Lamps.


HMI® UVS (UV-Stop)

OSRAM has developed this family of HMI lamps incorporating a doped UV-stop quartz outer jacket, which reduces UVB and UVC emissions up to 99.9% without compromising performance. Recognizable by their orange bases, these lamps help to protect film crews and talent from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

HMI Event


OSRAM HMI® EVENT single-end lamps have been designed specifically for auto shows and other large-scale events. Identifiable by their black base, these lamps have improved heat resistance for high thermal requirements and a tighter range of color temperature for consistent color and brightness. They also incorporate the UV-Stop technology.

HMI Director Series

HMI® Director Series

All HMI Director Series lamps feature more robust stems, resulting in less breakage during transport, and incorporate a round moly-foil design that more evenly distributes heat and current, providing lamp life increases on average of 25%. These lamps are also currently the only lamps of their kind in the industry that are designed with a cement-free, compression-seal base to improve reliability. The splash resistant packaging, with convenient carrying handle also makes it easy to repeatedly transport and store the lamps over the their long lifetime.

Product Details

Please view the complete list of HMI Single-End (SE) and Double-End (DXS) lamps in the drop down sections below.

HMI Single End Lamps

HMI® Single-End Lamps

OSRAM HMI® single-end lamp family offers enhanced technologies including a UV-stop quartz outer jacket (UVS) and optimized heat dissipation on high watt lamps (Director Series). Products with these technologies are indicated in the product list below.

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Life (hrs)

53977HMI 200W/SE UVSY20016,000200
54220HMI 200W/SE20016,000200
53978HMI 400W/SE UVSY40033,000650
53974HMI 575W EVENTY57549,0001,000
53979HMI 575W/SEL UVSY57549,0001,000
54482HMI 800W/SEL UVSY80065,0001,000
53975HMI 1200W EVENTY1200110,0001,000
53980HMI 1200W/SEL UVSY1200110,0001,000
53981*HMI 1600W/SE UVSY1600150,000750
53982HMI 1800W/SE UVSY1800165,000750
54070HMI 2500W/SE/XS2500240,000500
54321HMI 4000W/SE/XS4000380,000500
54099HMI 6000W/SE/XSY6000600,000500
54464HMI 9000W/SE/XSY9000875,000400
54113HMI 12000W/SE/XSY12,0001,150,000500
54324HMI 18000W/SE GX51Y18,0001,600,000350
HMI Double End Lamps

HMI® Double-End Lamps

OSRAM HMI® double-end lamp family offers excellent reliability. Enhanced heat dissipating technologies and compression seal bases are additional benefits offered with our Director Series lamps. Products with these technologies are indicated in the product list below.

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Product Number

Product Description





Avg. Rated Life (hrs)

54313HMI 575W/DXS57549,0001,000
55139HMI 1200W/DXS1200110,0001,000
54068HMI 2500W/S/XS2500240,000500
54265HMI 2500W/DXS2500240,000500
54314HMI 4000W/DXS4000380,000500
54315HMI 6000W/DXSY6000570,000500
54316HMI 12000W/DXSY12,0001,150,000500
54213HMI 18000W/DXSY18,0001,700,000500
54325HMI 24000W/DXSY24,0002,300,000500
HMI for Studio Lighting



  • Studio, Film & TV
  • Professional Photography


  • Solar Simulation


HMI® Director Series Video

As the inventor of the technology, OSRAM is the only lighting manufacturer to make true HMI® lamps used for the entertainment industry.

HMI® UVS Lamps Video

In this video, Mark DeLorenzo--from the OSRAM Americas Entertainment Display/Optics Specialty Lighting Group--introduces the new family of OSRAM HMI® UVS Lamps.

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