Halogen & Incandescent - High Voltage (>130V)

Specialty lamps with consistent color for lighting design

Key Features and Benefits

  • Robust construction for reliable, lasting performance
  • Consistent color over the life of the lamps
  • Instant on and nearly constant luminous flux over the life of the lamp
  • Broad product portfolio supporting the stage and studio markets
  • Dimmable to 0% with traditional amber shift

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Product Details

A broad portfilio of high voltage halogen lamps for the Entertainment Stage and Studio markets are available. By providing consistent color and smooth dimming, these lamps are ideal for lighting design. These characteristics backed by robust construction and precision optics make OSRAM halogen lamps the reliable choice.

The OSRAM HPL family of lamps are best in class. Learn more about the performance benefits of OSRAM HPL lamps. Learn More

HPL - High Voltage (> 130 V)

High performance halogen lamps with an Ultra Compact Filament (UCF) and special heat sink base that provides maximum efficiency and life for ellipsoidal fixtures.

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Halogen - High Voltage (> 130 V) Single End

A broad portfolio of high quality single end halogen lamps used in the stage and studio markets.

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  • Club & Disco
  • Stage & Theater
  • Studio, Film & TV
  • Professional Photography


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