HTI® Metal Halide Lamps

Highly effective bright light effects

Key Features and Benefits

  • ​Robust design with eXtreme Seal (XS) technology on some types, allowing up to 450°C at the pinch seal
  • Consistent lumen output over the life of the lamp
  • Higher luminous efficacy than conventional HID lamps provides higher fixture efficiency
  • SHARXS® lamp family provides consistent lengths and bases for simplified fixture designs
  • Lok-It!® lamp family provides a special base design that allows for safe and easy, "one touch" lamp replacement from the back of the fixture

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Product Details

OSRAM HTI lamps are short arc lamps that provide bright light with high efficiency. They are available in single end, reflector, and double end designs.

The SHARXS HTI lamps are special double end lamps that include eXtreme Seal (XS) technology allowing temperatures up to 450°C at the pinch seal. SHARXS lamps are also standardized in both length and base type. Standard SHARXS lamps have a maximum overall length of 136mm and utilize the SFc10-4 base. The BABY SHARXS lamps utilize the same base, but are standardized at a 93mm overall length. The MAXI SHARXS lamps have an overall length of 220mm and utilize the SFc15.5 base.

The Lok-It! HTI Lamp family also offers short arc technology providing highly efficient, bright light effects, but is designed with a special "one touch" base allowing for safe and easy lamp installations from the back of the fixture.


High performance lamps with special twist and lock base for easy lamp replacement.

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Lok-It!® Power Series (PS)

Special Lok-it! lamps with enhanced performance features, including Brilliant and Blue.

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HTI® Single End

Traditional HTI single end lamps for reliable, long lasting performance.

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HTI® Reflector

Reliable optical performance with precision pre-aligned reflector.

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Special high performance double end lamps with eXtreme Seal (XS) technology and consistent lengths, including SharXS, Baby SharXS and Maxi SharXS.

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HTI® Double End

Traditional double end HTI lamps with efficient and reliable performance.

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  • Concert Lighting
  • Club & Disco
  • Stage & Theatre
  • Studio, TV & Film
  • Architecture & Architainment


Entertainment Lamp Replacement Guide for SIRIUS HRI, Lok-it! and SharXS Lamps

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