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Light that helps save lives

Light is revealing

The operating room puts high demands on light source technology, requiring high luminance, optimum color quality and rendering, and precision optics. For doctors and nurses, seeing colors in their true light is critical for proper decision making. The team at ams OSRAM has a long history of providing high quality, reliable light sources that meet the high expectations of medical professionals.

Application Information

Products for Surgical & Examination Lighting

XBO® ≤ 450W

Xenon Short-arc

XBO lamps provide bright light with very high color quality and superior color rendering. Double end and reflector lamp options are available.

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Halogen < 75V (HLX® & XIR®)

Halogen – Low Voltage

The OSRAM brand offers an extensive line of low voltage Halogen lamps, including specialized types with HLX and XIR technology as well as Medical Miniature types for Otoscopes.

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