Halogen & Incandescent - Low Voltage (<75V)

Specialty lamps with precision optics

Key Features and Benefits

  • Precise filament alignment with patented quartz pinch technology
  • OSRAM HLX® XENOPHOT lamps provide 10% higher luminous efficacy over standard halogen
  • Instant on and nearly constant luminous flux over the life of the lamp
  • Dimmable

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Product Details

An extensive line of OSRAM low voltage halogen lamps are available. The state-of-the-art processes provide precision filament alignment making these lamps ideal for applications that require accurate positioning, as in the medical and scientific markets. Lamps designed as HLX utilize Xenon gas in place of Krypton and provide up to 10% greater output over the life of the lamps. A selection of eXtra long life lamp options are also available and are designated with an "/ X".​

Halogen Low Voltage (<75V) Active Product Range


Wattage Range

Voltage Range

Bulb Types

Base Types

Single End1.6W - 400W2.5V - 36VT3, T3.5, T4, T5, T6, T12BA15d, G4, G6.35, GY6.35, GY9.5, GZ9.5, PG22
With Reflector20W – 250W8V – 30VMR11, MR16GZX4, G5.3-4.8, GX5.3, GY5.3, GY6.35, GZ6.35

Halogen - Low Voltage Single End

OSRAM single end low voltage halogen lamps provide high quality light to meet the high demands of the medical and scientific markets.

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Halogen - Low Voltage with Reflector

Reflector low voltage halogen lamps provide precision optical alignment for medical and industrial fiber optic illuminators, microscropy, and surgical overhead lighting.

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Medical Miniature Halogen for Otoscopes

Lamps used in various Welch Allyn otoscopes for optimal visualization of the inner ear.

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Incandescent - Low Voltage

Line of low voltage incandescent lamps for medical and scientific applications.

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Medical & Scientific

  • Microscopy
  • Laboratory & Analysis
  • UV Curing
  • Fiber Illumination
  • Surgical & Dental Overhead


  • Club & Disco


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