Studio, TV and Film

Studio, TV and Film

Light that sets the scene

Light is true color

High quality studio lighting plays a major role in creating unforgettable moments in TV and movie productions. Professional illumination provides much more than just the right level of brightness. It creates the mood and supports the compositions and concepts of the lighting designers. The right light becomes tension, excitement, drama, joy and fascination. Creating moods that speak to the emotions is one of the main functions of lighting and makes it a central design element in film and TV productions. OSRAM, the inventor of HMI®, has been producing high quality studio lamps for lighting professionals for over 50 years with some exciting new innovations.

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OSRAM is catering to the demands of modern film-makers with a full line of HMI DIGITAL lamps that offer reliable quality for high-speed filming applications.

Products for Studio, TV and Film



Metal Halide

HMI lamps, invented by OSRAM, are specially designed to provide consistent light to simulate daylight color.

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OSRAM STUDIOLINE Compact Fluorescent lamps are specially designed for the unique requirements of Studio lighting.

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Studio Halogen (75V – 130V)

Halogen (75V – 130V)

Studio Halogen – Medium Voltage

OSRAM offers a broad portfolio of high quality Halogen lamps for Entertainment fixtures.

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Studio Halogen (>130V)

Halogen (>130V)

Studio Halogen – High Voltage

OSRAM offers a broad portfolio of high quality Halogen lamps for Entertainment fixtures requiring 230V and 240V.

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