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Club and DJ lighting calls for dazzling effects that complement the rhythms of the music and make club evenings and live performances energizing and fun. Powerful light with intense colors from small and compact moving heads and scanners light the night like no other. OSRAM continues to innovate to provide compact, cost effective light sources that allow the movement of light to keep us in the groove.

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With its brilliant light and compact size, the SIRIUS HRI range perfectly suits small and lightweight moving head fixtures. Its optimized burner design allows for any burning position and delivers high luminance through a very short arc, producing intense beams of spectacular light.

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Lamp Replacement Guide

Lamp to Fixture Cross Reference for SIRIUS HRI® and Lok-It!®

Shining on a concert stage - Pulsing in a night club - Highlighting a theatre set. When paired with moving heads from major manufactuerers, OSRAM SIRIUM HRI abd Lok-It! lamps supply spectacular effects tailored to each Entertainment application.

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Products for Club & DJ


Mercury Short-arc

SIRIUS HRI Discharge lamps are projection style lamps designed to provide brilliant light effects for compact moving head fixtures.

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Metal Halide

Efficient and long-lasting, these lamps provide optimal thermal stability and mechanical durability for use in Club & DJ lighting.

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HTI® & HTI® SharXS®

Short-arc Metal Halide

HTI Short-arc Metal Halide lamps are designed as intense light sources primarily for moving head fixtures in the Entertainment markets.

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HTI® Lok-it!® & Lok-it® Power Series

Short-arc Metal Halide

Lok-it! style lamps are designed with a special base for ease of use and safety. Innovative Power Series options provide further performance enhancements.

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Halogen (<75V)

Halogen – Low Voltage

Various Reflector Halogen lamps are used in traditional fixtures for the Club & DJ markets.

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Halogen (75V – 130V)

Halogen – Medium Voltage

Various Reflector Halogen lamps are used in traditional fixtures for the Club & DJ markets.

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