​P-VIP® Projection

Intensely bright discharge lamps and assemblies for high quality projection devices

Key Features and Benefits

  • Superior light output for the best in image quality
  • Uniform light distribution to screen
  • Long lamp life provides best cost value over time
  • Reliable quality that is backed by warranty
  • OSRAM original P-VIP lamps are specifically designed for optimal performance within each make and model projection device
  • OSRAM works in close collaboration with top original equipment manufacturers to offer the best system performance

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Product Details

The OSRAM brand offers a broad range of P-VIP projection lamps and assemblies used for Video/Data Projection, Rear Projection Televisions, and other projection applications. These high pressure mercury discharge lamps provide a dense multi-spectrum output that is essential to projection devices. Due to OSRAM's innovative expertise, these high luminance lamps are coupled with long lifetimes and performance reliability ensuring complete satisfaction to the end user. Using OSRAM original lamps is critical to the optimal performance characteristics of the projection devices.

OSRAM Original P-VIP® Front Projection Lamps

Reliable, high intensity performance coupled with long lifetimes make OSRAM P-VIP lamps the top choice for high performance front projection devices.

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OSRAM Original P-VIP® Rear Projection TV Lamps

To make an old TV seem like new choose OSRAM P-VIP lamps to get the best value in both performance and lifetime.

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Video/Data Projection

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hospitality

Rear Projection

  • Home Theater

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