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The ever-increasing volume of passengers and freight in global air traffic has put greater demands and heightened awareness on the safety of airside operations. Airfield lighting plays a critical role in ensuring the safety of passengers, airport personnel and pilots. Airfield environments are challenging. With intense vibration, temperature fluctuations, and severe weather conditions, airfields demand lighting systems that are robust and reliable. The team at ams OSRAM has been producing high quality, vibration resistant lamps for the airfield industry for many years and continues to work closely with leading fixture manufacturers to ensure precise and reliable optical performance.

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Products for Airfield

6.6A Current Controlled Halogen Lamps

Tungsten Halogen

ams OSRAM uses state-of-the-art equipment and processes to yield high quality lamps with precision optics.

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ZELION® for Airfield

LED Solutions

The team at ams OSRAM continues to work with OEM’s to provide innovative LED Solutions to the Airfield Lighting industry.

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