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The heart of the cinema lies within the projector as high brightness and crisp images are what help to capture an audience. OSRAM XBO® cinema lamps rise to the challenge with a level of luminance that guarantees brilliant, high-resolution images. OSRAM, with its state-of-the-art automated processes, continues to be at the forefront of innovation for the cinema industry.

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XBO Digital Cinema Lamps

XBO® for Digital Cinema

For the past 60, years, the OSRAM XBO lamp has delighted audiences worldwide and has transformed the visit to the cinema into an experience to remember. The age of digital cinema has placed huge demands on projection technology, but the XBO cinema lamp continues to stay one step ahead, by providing groundbreaking solutions for a variety of digital projectors, including BARCO, Christie, NEC and SONY. Continuous innovation by OSRAM has resulted in longer life lamps, providing powerful and cost-effective XBO solutions for every theater.

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XBO > 450W

XBO > 450W

Xenon Short-arc

OSRAM XBO lamps are produced on state-of-the-art automated equipment to provide a reliable light source with high color quality.

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OSRAM XBO innovation for more than 60 years

Long-life Innovation

Captivating audiences while managing cost are critical to the operation of any theater. Continuous innovation at OSRAM has provided an extensive portfolio of long-life lamps for the Digital Cinema industry.

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Videos: How to change an OSRAM XBO lamp in digital cinema projectors

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