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Key Features and Benefits

  • STUDIOLINE® lamps are designed with a special phosphor formulation for light output that combines well with OSRAM HMI® and Tungsten Halogen lamps
  • Soft, natural, diffused light in both 3200K and 5600K
  • Cool operation when compared to Tungsten Halogen options
  • Dimmable to 1% using intelligent QUICKTRONIC® technology

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Product Details

OSRAM STUDIOLINE fluorescent lamps have been designed specifically for studio lighting. Thanks to their special phosphors, STUDIOLINE lamps emit a light that combines well with that of HMI lamps (5600K) or tungsten-halogen lamps (3200K). The output is a soft, natural and diffused light. The lamps produce very little heat so they can be placed close to actors and heat-sensitive objects. STUDIOLINE lamps from OSRAM combine low energy consumption with high light output. They are suitable for 120V or 277V applications and in combination with intelligent QUICKTRONIC technology can be dimmed down to just 1% light output.

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STUDIOLINE® Compact Fluorescent

Specially designed fluorescent lamps for the studio lighting market.

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  • Studio, TV & Film


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