Oklahoma Stage - Expo Square

Tulsa, OK, USA

Project Details

Featured Product Media Tube HO RGBW Diffused
Method of ControlSYMPL Controls
CategoryArchitectural & Hospitality
LocationTulsa, OK
ClientTulsa Expo
Lighting DesignerCyntergy Engineering
M&E ContractorCrossland Electric & BEI Electric
Completion DateOctober 2018

The Oklahoma Stage located in Expo Square is the newest, permanent addition to the Tulsa Fairgrounds, and was built to be the home of outdoor music festivals and concerts. The stage is now the dynamic focal point of the grounds and unlike anything else in the country with its twisted roof and angled support beams.

What started out as a temporary installation to be used 11 days out of the year (during the well-known Tulsa State Fair), quickly grew to be a larger, permanent icon on the grounds. The goal of this structure? To create a safe, family-friendly location for fairgoers and others alike to enjoy outdoor events throughout the year. But to make this structure really stand out, unique lighting that was both functional and artistic, was required.

In March of 2018, Tulsa Expo teamed with Cyntergy Engineering and chose Traxon’s Media Tube HO RGBW Diffused and e:cue’s SYMPL Controls as the stage’s lighting system. The Media Tubes provide a high brightness, high efficacy, slim profile with consistent color from all angles that is perfectly suited for the stage’s angled beams, while the SYMPL Controls give programmers the ability to fully customize the lighting experience. As a result, the stage is now a year-round attraction known for its concerts, events, and holiday-themed lighting!

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