Flashy Façade for International Championships

National Gymnastics Arena - Baku, Azerbaijan

OSRAM subsidiary companies have installed outstanding lighting at the European Games 2015 in Azerbaijan. Siteco has equipped the Baku Olympic Stadium with an HDTV-compliant floodlighting system among other installations, and Traxon has transformed the National Gymnastics Arena into a radiance of light with dynamic lighting solutions.


Category: Dynamic lighting
Technology/Services: Specialty Lighting
Year: 2014

Prior to the European Games in Baku, OSRAM equipped the National Gymnastics Arena in Azerbaijan's capital city with an innovative and dynamic lighting system. 600 Traxon Wall Washer Shield AC XB bathe the façade of the arena in colourful light to create impressive combinations such as the national colours of Azerbaijan. 10 transparent screens implemented with a total of 11 km of Traxon media tubes, and constructed to provide supplementary mechanical stability, were fixed to the façade of the sports location. The sophisticated e:cue control solution activates automatically with the coming of night to then switch off in the morning hours. Pre-programmed sequences play graphic animations and various colour chases across the screens.

Siteco floodlights were installed, illuminating the Baku Olympic Stadium and the nearby warm-up areas, and more than 600 Siteco R3 Maxi 2000W projectors with hot re-ignition are now used for HDTV-compliant playing field lighting. In addition, a further 240 Siteco floodlights and projectors with a variety of distribution characteristics have been installed for tribune lighting, providing ideal light atmospheres for both spectators and players. The interiors have also been fitted with more than 25 km of OSRAM LINEARLight Power Flex for cove lighting.

The new multi-functional arena has seating capacity for 68,000 spectators, and complies with maximum technical UEFA and FIFA specifications. It will become the home stadium for the Azerbaijan national football team following the first European Games in 2015, and will also be a broadcasting location for the European football championships EURO 2020.

The European Games is an international sports competition with an Olympic character, taking place for the first time from 12 June 2015 onwards, and the Baku Olympic Stadium and the National Gymnastics Arena are two of the total of 18 sports locations.

Project Partner

Developer:PASHA Construction LLC.
Project Management / Construction Management:Mace International
Client:National Gymnastics Arena
Lighting Designer:Francis Krahe & Associates
Architect:Broadway Malyan

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