Suzanne & Walter Scott Aquarium

Omaha, NE, USA

Project Details

Featured Products Allegro Dot S, Quattro Liner RGBW
LocationOmaha, NE
ClientHenry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium
Lighting Designer & EngineerMorrissey Engineering
Electrical ContractorMiller Electric
Completion DateMarch 2020

The Suzanne & Walter Scott Aquarium, located at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, was originally built in 1995 and is the largest aquarium inside of a zoo in the United States. The aquarium includes many animals from penguins and tropical fish to sea turtles and sharks, while also featuring several natural aquatic habitats such as coral reefs, temperate oceans, polar regions, and the Amazon. As of May 2020, several external renovations to the aquarium were officially completed, creating an impressive outer appearance to match all that can be found inside.

Featuring a redesigned façade, a new entrance, and an updated outdoor picnic area, the outside of the aquarium now gives visitors a preview of what they can expect to see upon entering. The new entry canopy includes stainless steel panels, polished blue with a ripple texture, to mimic the effect of being underwater. In addition, the front of the canopy is layered with metal panels resembling the appearance of coral reef, while the roof also boasts eight stainless steel wave structures. Morrissey Engineering selected Traxon fixtures to enhance these architectural features, using dynamic lighting to mimic the colors and effects of being underwater, both on the waves and behind the reef.

As a result of the renovation, the aquarium exhibit entry now immerses visitors into an underwater experience with an array of ocean-inspired colors and effects, that can be easily changed at any time.

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