Grand Candela

El Paso, TX, USA

© Jonnu Singleton/SWA

© Jonnu Singleton/SWA

Project Details

Featured Product Dot XL RGBW
Methods of ControlSYMPL Core S, SYMPL DMX Node, SYMPL e:bus Node, GlassTouch, SYMPHOLIGHT
CategoryPublic Art
LocationEl Paso, TX
ArchitectSWA Landscape Architecture
Lighting DesignerHLB Los Angeles
Completion DateNovember 2019

The Grand Candela is a 30’ high tower honoring 22 people who lost their lives in a mass shooting on August 3, 2019 in El Paso, Texas. The structure was first revealed to the public in a private ceremony held on Friday, November 22, 2019, and included the families of those lost as well as the 25 survivors.

The new structure, standing in the south end of the Walmart parking lot, consists of a central mast, supporting 4 rings, which in turn support a veil of 22 aluminum half-cylinders – one for each victim. And, the need for lighting to complete the memorial, within a tight 16-week window prior to unveiling, led to the partnership with Traxon e:cue. Traxon was able to outfit the rings with groups of 3 Dot XL RGBW Dome nodes allowing the interior of the structure to glow like a candle.

The structure was unveiled shortly after Walmart reopened its doors for the first time since that terrible summer day, and the hope is that the Grand Candela will be a beacon of hope for all survivors as well as a lifelong tribute to those no longer with us.

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