Light Art Celebrates Anniversary

Galeries Lafayette 'Chrysalide' - Paris, France

The Galeries Lafayette is an upscale French department store located on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris. It is one of the oldest and most famous department stores in France, and remarkable because of its Art Nouveau architecture. In honor of “La Coupole's” 100th anniversary, "Chrysalide" a collection of luminous bars designed to resemble the pupal stage of a butterfly, will adorn the façade of Lafayette Galleries for the next six years.


Category: Dynamic lighting
Technology/Services: Specialty Lighting
Year: 2012

The custom-created aluminum profile plates contain 19,200 Traxon Dot XL-3 RGB lining both sides of each bar, one pointing toward the façade, the other toward the street. The two sides can be controlled separately by e:cue's Lighting Application Suite in combination with the Lighting Control Engine (LCE) and Video Micro Converter (VMC). "Chrysalide", created by lighting designer Yann Kersalé, is a luminous coating which gave this famous store a second skin. It is designed to change according to the seasons, transitioning throughout the year.

Its installation and removal will leave no marks on the building's façade. In conjunction with the Dot XL, 3,500 Cove Light AC Dim fixtures were installed behind the gorgeous glass mosaic of the historical coupole. The Cove Lights are arranged in groups on a metal structure suspended by cables. Both installations will captivate passersby and visitors with their ultra-bright and mood-enhancing effects.

Project Partner

Client:Galeries Lafayette
Lighting Designer:Yann Kersalé
Architect:Djuric Tardio
Installer:INEO / Fayat Metal

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