Dena'ina Civic and Convention Center

Anchorage, AK, USA

Project Details

Featured Products ProPoint Wall Washer RGBW
Methods of ControlSYMPL Core S, Glass Touch, SYMPHOLight, Actionpad, SymphoTouch App
LocationAnchorage, AK
ClientMunicipality of Anchorage and Eklutnah Inc.
Lighting DesignerCoffman Engineers
ProgrammerTraxon e:cue
Completion DateOctober 2020

The Dena´ina Civic and Convention Center, located in the center of Anchorage, spans roughly 200,000 square feet and provides visitors with a chance to learn the history of the Dena´ina People, from the Cook Inlet Region, through artwork and Athabascan meeting space names.

Completed in September of 2008, the center is now used for conventions, tradeshows, meetings, and various other events, such as concerts. In conjunction with two other facilities that form the Anchorage Convention District, and being such a large district at the heart of Anchorage, it was imperative that there be effective illumination on the building’s exterior. Therefore, in 2019, more than 10 years after the building’s opening, the Municipality of Anchorage, together with Coffman Engineers, teamed with Alaska Architectural Lighting and Traxon e:cue to upgrade the original standard white light system with an RGBW dynamic lighting system

Fifty Traxon 80W RGBW ProPoint Wall Washers, at a 15˚ mount, were installed on the East and West façades, following the buildings existing infrastructure. This allowed for reduced cost and complexity for the project. In addition, the luminaires are all controlled via e:cue hardware and software, allowing for flexible online lighting control, from anywhere, at any time.

As a result of the installation, the Dena´ina Center is now equipped with architectural façade lighting that illuminates and accentuates the buildings original design, while also being able to seamlessly change color to match holidays and center events, allowing the building to truly shine at the center of the city.

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