ProPoint Kontour Rhythm

A slim, IP67 rated omni-bendable RGBW tube that is flexible on both the horizontal and vertical axes

ProPoint Kontour Rhythm

Key Features & Benefits

  • Full color RGBW with 90 CRI 4000K white
  • Omni-Bendable on both horizontal and vertical axes
  • Twisting: 360° per 39” / 1m
  • UCS8904B 16bit pixel protocol*
  • 16bit control for smooth dimming
  • Daisy-chain up to 1,024 channels
  • 3” / 76mm Pixel Pitch - 3 Pixels per foot
  • 64 Pixels per unit max
  • 16’ / 4.9m length
  • Available in multiple lengths to meet various project needs
  • Three Cable Feed Options: Side, Bottom & End
  • IP67 and suitable for coastal environments
  • IK07

* Learn more about UCS8904B 16bit pixel protocol

Product Details

The ProPoint Kontour Rhythm is a slim, DC 24v powered flexible tube that is omni-bendable on both the horizontal and vertical axes, as well as twistable to 360° (every 39” / 1m). Available in RGBW (W=4000K) with a CRI ≥90 (white only). Its high flexibility is perfect for any curved surface or freeform installation, as well as straight highlighting applications for low-profile, high impact illumination.

ProPoint Kontour Rhythm is available in multiple lengths and cable feed options. Controllable in 76mm / 3" segments, it can be used to distinguish facades, walls and architectural borders with a concentrated, even radiance, or can be used to create a dynamic river of light flowing along ceilings and walls.

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