Allegro Dot RGB/RGBW

The next generation of intelligent media dots

Allegro Dot - Large

Key Features & Benefits

  • Fully Customizable
    • Variable pixel pitch and number of dots per string
    • Up to 4m pixel pitch
  • Color Options: RGB, RGBW
  • Lens Options: Clear Lens, Diffused Dome
  • Auto-addressing
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Environment: Outdoor IP66, Outdoor IP67
  • DynaMood® Technologies: ConnectOne, WhiteOne, BoostOne, BinOne, AddressOne, ColorOne, ReflectorOne and BeamOne
  • ConnectOne
    • Streamline control architecture
    • Maximize connection possibilities (DMX, e:pix, e:net)
    • System monitoring per test
  • WhiteOne
    • Improve white element display quality
    • Enhance brightness in typically RGB video content

Product Details

The Allegro Dot is the newest, next generation product in our intelligent media dot portfolio. It is a fully customizable, auto addressing, and easy to install media solution that provides flexibility for lighting design and project execution. The Allegro Dot, with its smart and intelligent control system, matches the needs of lighting designers and installers, providing design convenience along with easy installation and product management.

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