64PXL Board RGB 2.0

The next generation of intelligent light boards

64PXL Board RGB 2.0

Key Features & Benefits

  • Medium Pixel Pitch, Wide Beam Angle
    • 64PXL Board RGB 2.0 offers a 31.25mm (1.23") pixel pitch and a beam angle of 115°, making it an efficient tool for low resolution graphics, text, and video replay on varying levels of complexity screens.
  • Low-Profile, Light Weight Design
    • 64PXL Board RGB 2.0 's design offers a wide range of installation possibilities, including applications in video display walls, on ceilings, and inside floors.
  • Simple Connection with TX Connect® Smart
    • Power and data are combined into one cable with the simple TX Connect® Smart, a universal system that enables Plug'n'Play set up.
  • Smart Chip Technology
    • Each of the 64 pixels are auto-addressable and easily configured.

Product Details

The Traxon 64PXL Board RGB 2.0 is equipped with 64 individually controllable, and auto-addressable surface mounted LEDs on an 8x8 matrix with a 31.25mm (1.23") pitch. It is an efficient tool for high definition video and graphical displays, used to create dynamic communication and visual enhancement of a range of environments from commercial to hospitality and entertainment installations. With its tight pitch and wide beam angle, 64PXL Board RGB 2.0 beautifully reproduces full color, medium-resolution graphics, text, and video in indoor environments. The low profile makes it ideal for placement behind solid or fabric diffusion material for a softened image quality and evenly distributed light. 64PXL Board RGB 2.0 is controllable by DMX512 and e:pix input signals. The 64PXL Board RGB 2.0 can be used in conjunction with both the 16PXL Board RGB 2.0 and the 16PXL Strip RGB 2.0 to create a customized media screen of any size.

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