16PXL Board RGB 2.0

The next generation of intelligent light boards

16PXL Board RGB 2.0

Key Features & Benefits

  • Medium Pixel Pitch, Wide Beam Angle
    • 16PXL Board RGB 2.0 offers a 62.5mm (2.46") pixel pitch and a beam angle of 115°, making it an efficient tool for low resolution graphics, text, and video replay on varying levels of complexity.
  • Low-Profile, Light Weight Design
    • 16PXL Board RGB 2.0's design offers a wide range of installation possibilities, including applications in video display walls, on ceilings, and inside floors.
  • Simple Connection with TX Connect® Smart
    • Power and data are combined into one cable with the simple TX Connect® Smart, a universal system that enables Plug'n'Play set up.
  • Smart Chip Technologies
    • Each of the 16 pixels are auto-addressable and easily configured.

Product Details

The Traxon 16PXL Board RGB 2.0 is equipped with 16 individually controllable, and auto-addressable surface mounted LEDs on a 4x4 matrix with a 62.5mm (2.46") pitch. Capable of static or animated low-resolution graphics and video replay, 16PXL Board RGB 2.0 provides functional lighting an decorative illumination for a variety of indoor scenarios. 16PXL Board RGB 2.0 is ideal when mounted behind diffusion materials such as stretched canvas or semi-translucent solids that soften and spread its colorful output, adding depth and accent to indoor environments. The 16PXL Board RGB 2.0 can be used in conjunction with both the 16PXL Strip RGB 2.0 and the 64PXL Board RGB 2.0 to create a customized media screen of any size.

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