Captivate shoppers, set the mood, enhance design and showcase products brilliantly in their true colors.

Effective lighting is among the most essential and effective sales tools in this highly competitive industry, and a key way stores can differentiate themselves from online competition. Whether directing attention to the retail space, conveying the quality of merchandise, or strengthening branding and display themes, lighting has a dramatic and often subconscious ability to charm consumers. It also offers the potential for continual reinvention that keeps the store experience fresh and exciting.

Retail Lighting Solutions

Shoppers perceive a large portion of their environment through their eyes. So the use of brilliant spotlights, dazzling multimedia displays and efficient light management systems have all become important parts of the retail experience. Façade solutions can take first impressions to an exciting, larger scale, converting buildings into instant landmarks. Inside, light creates a focal point, tells a story and helps customers navigate throughout the store. Lighting can even help forge an indelible bond between your customers and your brand while it increases the time – and money – they spend in your store.

Traxon creates customized lighting solutions for applications from specialty boutiques and chain locations to food retailers and auto showrooms. Advanced lighting controls, energy monitoring and customized reporting can help you track system-wide savings and return on your energy investment. And this broad spectrum of products and services is available from a single source. So whether your goal is dynamic lighting that unleashes the power of your imagination, or lighting retrofits that deliver huge long-term energy savings, we help you boost sales while lowering the bottom line.

Our retail work includes:

  • Retail Stores and Malls
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Indoor and Outdoor Public Spaces
  • Grocery Stores
  • Automotive Dealerships

Case Study

Chevy Chase Pavilion

Washington D.C., USA

A large, attention-grabbing media wall in the atrium of the upscale shopping mall, is part of a plan to rejuvenate the mall, attract high-end retailers, and position it as the go-to retail and dining destination in the region.

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