Lighting is a powerful tool allowing educators to provide the ideal environment for learning, creativity and community.

In classrooms and lecture halls, conference and break rooms, offices and lobbies. Throughout dorms, gyms and cafeterias. And especially in outdoor spaces like stadiums, arenas, parking areas and walkways. Energy-efficient lighting from Traxon can slash energy costs while it creates a safe and welcoming environment for students, teachers and parents.

Education Lighting Solutions

We uses a variety of lighting strategies to help educators achieve sustainability goals and support green initiatives. We match innovative lighting systems with the individual requirements of buildings and spaces, providing access to products from a wide range of manufacturers. Our energy management strategies, with or without advanced lighting controls, can dramatically drive down energy consumption, as well as maintenance and management costs. They can integrate into building management systems for flexible scheduling with occupancy sensors that light only those spaces being utilized. And customized operation and reporting provides the ability to track energy costs and savings system-wide.

At the same time, the quality of light is one of the most important factors promoting greater focus and productivity. Human-centric lighting with LED luminaires provides the right light dimming levels for improved visibility, with optimal light tuning for specific activities and time of day. Personal control can offer the ability to adjust lighting for individual preferences as well. With the proper lighting, teachers and students reap the rewards of better attention, behavior and learning.

Aesthetics are a huge bonus of upgraded lighting in an educational environment. A well-lit campus is not just inviting. It also incorporates breathtaking lighting experiences that elevate your brand. Color-changing dynamic LED lighting from Traxon can enhance building architecture and entertainment venues, inside and out. With accent lighting, custom light shows, art installations and video, institutions can offer a tangible display of art and creativity that becomes part of your identity.

Our work in education includes:

  • Private and State Colleges and Universities
  • Technical and Vocational Training Schools
  • Private and Charter Schools
  • K-12 Schools

Case Study

Madison College

Madison, WI, USA

A “digital waterfall” welcomes visitors to the Gateway Building's large, light-filled four-story atrium.

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