Optimize both cost and quality with advanced lighting and control solutions.

Lighting is a major factor in operating costs for both single and multi-tenant commercial buildings: in reception areas, meeting and conference rooms, offices, hallways, residential spaces, outdoor areas, parking facilities and building facades. Upgrading all these areas with energy-efficient LED lighting can slash energy and maintenance costs, while it helps achieve corporate sustainability goals.

At the same time, the quality of light is one of the most important factors allowing greater attention, focus, productivity and job satisfaction. Traxon Technologies helps you optimize both costs and quality, taking advantage of opportunities to leverage the power of advanced lighting and control solutions.


Traxon shines a light on landmark building in Shanghai

Shanghai Tower has quickly become the iconic landmark of the city. The 632-meter, 121-story tower is China’s tallest and the world’s second tallest skyscraper. It features a 22,000 sets of LEDs illuminating the façade as well as the world’s longest LED panel for video playback

Commercial Lighting Solutions

Advanced lighting controls can integrate into building management systems with an open architecture that is built for flexibility. Scheduling capabilities turn lights on and off, or dim and tune the lighting as needed for the appropriate task. Occupancy sensors ensure that only those spaces being utilized are lit. Daylight harvesting further reduces lighting energy usage. And personal control and demand response offer the ability to fine-tune lighting to meet individual preferences.

A customized operation and reporting strategy provides the ability to track energy costs and savings, and create flexible schedules, while observing what is happening in the facility in real time. In large commercial operations, facility managers can control multiple floors or buildings with these systems, and manage them centrally for system wide energy management and troubleshooting.

The OSRAM team delivers a comprehensive portfolio of value-added lighting services for all types of commercial buildings. From the initial system survey to the final commissioning, we are known for our unmatched expertise and world-class project execution. And we offer access to lighting and control products from a broad range of manufacturers, including dynamic lighting solutions from Traxon Technologies. So we can engineer the right mix of products to meet your requirements in today's high-performance buildings.

Our commercial work includes:

  • Office Buildings
  • Large Residential Buildings
  • Property Management and Real Estate
  • Banking

Case Study

Four Winds 210 Barrone

New Orleans, LA, USA

Located in the heart of New Orleans, this historic structure now commands attention due to the colorful lighting that illuminates the façade of the building

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