​KREIOS® FL and FLx Flood Light Fixtures

Work lights that combine high brightness with superior color rendering

​KREIOS® FLx and FL Flood Light Fixtures

Key Features and Benefits

  • Bright and efficient LED light source that provides superior light quality with color rendering >92
  • Low cost operation:
    • Saves 80% energy compared to halogen
    • Eliminates the cost of over 20 lamp replacements over the life of the fixture (L70 = 40,000 hrs)​
  • Cool and silent operation
  • Gel frame accessory adds option for color and diffusion effects
  • IP65 rated for outdoor use
  • No UV or IR radiation

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Product Details

Standard halogen flood or work light fixtures run hot! This wastes energy, raises ambient temperatures, and increases the risk of burns and fire hazards. With the cool operation of the OSRAM LED KREIOS FL and FLx fixtures, you save 80% energy and reduce the risks associated with high operating temperatures. In addition, these work light fixtures were designed with OSRAM OSLON LEDs that provide superior color rendering, ideal for applications that require high light quality, including theatres, theme parks, events, and security lighting.

*Note: Because LED fixtures are electronic devices, inrush current must be taken into consideration when circuiting the fixture(s). The FLx absorbs ~2.5A with leading-edge dimmers and ~1.2A with trailing-edge dimmers. It is recommended that you connect a maximum of 7 fixtures on leading-edge 20A dimmers, and 12 fixtures on trailing-edge 20A dimmers. Exceeding this amount can lead to early failure of the fixture and void the warranty.

​KREIOS® FLx and FL Flood Light Fixtures

KREIOS® FL 60W and FLx 90W

While the KREIOS FL is a fantastic value option producing 3,000 lumen output with great color quality, the KREIOS FLx provides the same high quality light at 5,000 lumens (equal to a 500W halogen lamp) allowing for higher installations. The FLx can also be dimmed to 15%, providing additional flexibility. The gel frame accessory is also included with the KREIOS FLx for times when color or diffusion effects are needed.

Compare the KREIOS FL and FLx below to determine which is best for your application.





Rated Output




Gel Frame

54757KREIOS FL 60W60100-2403000320095NoAvailable
54758KREIOS FLx 90W9012035000350092YesIncluded
IES File Download for KREIOS FL (54757)IES File Download for KREIOS FLx (54758)


Product Number

Product Description

54468KREIOS FL Gel Frame*

*Gel frame accessory fits KREIOS FL and FLx

Applications for KREIOS FLx and FL



  • Theatre set construction and rehearsals
  • Theme parks
  • Stages / Studios

General Lighting

  • Indoor flood / arena
  • Outdoor flood
  • Architectural
  • Warehouse / security


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