HMI STUDIO lamps offer a warm-white color temperature, enhancing versatility on the film set, while also offering 2x the brightness of traditional halogen lamps.

Product features and benefits
  • HMI technology that offers highly efficient, warm-white color without the use of CTO filters
  • Reduced flicker when used with high-speed electronic ballasts (up to 1000 Hz and higher)
  • Suited for both analog and digital film productions
  • Capable of hot restrike ignition
  • High color stability with average changes in color temperature during lamp life only 1°K/hr
  • Dimmable down to 40% with stable color using many electronic ballasts
  • High energy efficiency providing up to 100 LPW​
  • Enhanced safety with UV-Stop (UVS) feature on all STUDIO types
Areas of application
  • Studio, TV and film
  • Professional Photography
  • Solar Simulation

General product information

Product Number 55176
Product Name HMISTUDIO200W 10/CS 1/SKU
Ordering Abbreviation HMI STUDIO 200W
Brand Name OSRAM
General Description Metal Halide, 200 watt, 3200K CCT, GZY9.5 base
Application Film, TV & Video Production, Photography
Product Remark
  • Optimized lamp eXtreme Seal (XS) technology to withstand interior base temperatures of up to 450 degrees celsius.
  • UVS=UV-Stop. UVS technology reduces harmful UV-B and UV-C ultraviolet radiation emissions by 99%.
  • Designed to approximate tungsten color temperature (2800K to 3400K) inside of a fixture. Note that color temperature will vary based on the ballast used and its operating frequency.

Electrical data

Nominal Wattage 200 W
Nominal Voltage 69 V
Current (A) 5.3 A
Type of Current AC

Light technical data

Luminous Flux 10800 lm
Light Center Length - LCL (mm) 39 mm
Color Temperature 3600 K
Average Rated Life 200 h

Physical attributes

Base GZY9.5
Bulb Shape T6
Maximum Overall Length (mm) 80 mm
Length l (mm) 80 mm
Diameter d (mm) 19.20 mm
Distance a (mm) 39 mm
Electrode Gap - cold (mm) 5 mm

Additional product data

Operating Position Any
Cooling Convection
Hot Restart Yes

Product number




Outside dimensions l x w x h

Gross weight

55176 4052899984356 Folding box (SKU) 1
55176 4052899984363 Shipping box (Case) 10 9.6in x 4.1in x 6.5in 1lb