Industry: Sports and Recreation

Sports lighting can be as exciting as the game itself.

Specialized sports lighting is vital for revealing every detail of the big game – to the players on the field, the spectators in the stands, and the fans watching the action at home. In stadiums, arenas, gyms, parks and playing fields of every kind, lighting can trigger excitement from the moment you approach the venue. It transforms events into unique and unforgettable experiences, as it transforms venues into genuine landmarks, with team colors and brand messaging broadcast to a global audience.

Light creates special drama for arts and entertainment.

For other leisure activities, lighting can play just as key a role. The complex lighting needs of theaters, concert halls museums and cultural institutions encompass every aspect of the experience, both inside and outside the venue. Painting with light to achieve greater architectural presence. Enhancing the patron’s experience with a spotlight on precious artifacts. Providing easy wayfinding, safety and security. Entertainment venues provide endless opportunities for the kind of innovative lighting that is the specialty of Traxon Technologies.

Lighting systems that let both sports and recreation venues really shine can be large and complex, making energy costs a key concern. Fixtures are frequently out of easy reach in large installations. And increasingly, sustainability is a top priority at these high-profile public installations. So venue managers recognize the need for solutions that emphasize energy-efficient operation, long life, and minimal maintenance. Our SLS lighting experts are industry leaders, helping you reap the benefits of the latest technologies for increased energy efficiency, lower operations costs and easier administration. Designing systems for remote monitoring and reporting. And supporting you through every step of project planning, management and support.

Our sports and recreation work includes:

  • Sports Facilities
  • Theme Parks
  • Museums
  • Parks
  • Art Installations
  • Theaters
  • Entertainment Complexes
  • Special Events
  • Houses of Worship

“Working with SYLVANIA Lighting Solutions to upgrade our lighting helped us truly accentuate the beauty of our artwork. The new LED light also helps preserve the artwork from harmful heat and radiation.”

Rosemary Roosa, executive director, Walter Anderson Museum of Art.

Case Study

War Memorial Arena

Johnstown, PA, USA

SLS worked in conjunction with Constellation® to utilize energy savings in order to eliminate the need for capital funding and allow the War Memorial to implement new LED light sources.

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