World's Largest Selection of High Power Color and White LED Emitters from LED Engin Deliver Optimum Spectra for Horticultural Lighting

Portfolio provides customized horticultural lighting solutions to suit plant requirements at all stages of cultivation

12.07.2016 | Products

San Jose, CA, USA: LED Engin, a multi-award winning manufacturer of high flux density LED products, announces the market's most comprehensive range of high-power color and white LED emitters for horticultural lighting. Alongside the typical colors used in horticultural applications (Blue 450nm, Deep Red 660nm and Far Red 740nm), the company is adding custom solutions that include 3 new direct colors (Violet 415nm, Royal Blue 436nm and Cyan 500nm), a phosphor-converted green and full white CCT options (2200K-6500K). Together with the already vast selection of standard LED emitters spanning from UV 365nm to Infrared 940nm and unrivalled packaging technology, this means all types of purpose-built lighting solutions can be easily created to deliver optimized spectra for improved crop productivity.

LED Engin's emitters are available in single-die packages, as well as multi-die, multi-channel, high-power density ceramic packages of up to 25 die in a single emitter, rated for 3 - 80W maximum power dissipation. The emitters feature the industry's lowest thermal resistance of 0.5 - 6.0 °C/W, which ensures efficient heat dissipation resulting in excellent flux output and flux maintenance over time. The packages are designed with a glass primary lens to deliver exceptional robustness in challenging growing environments with high ambient temperature and humidity. All these features, combined with highly efficient LED die in all colors, deliver enhanced spectra with ultra-high Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) promoting plant growth and making year-round cultivation possible.

David Tahmassebi, President and CEO of LED Engin, comments: "Plants respond to varying colors and intensity, and LED Engin provides a complete solution. In addition to the conventional colors used in horticultural illumination, we offer complementary colors to enable fixture manufacturers to either create a full spectrum that mimics the sun or a proprietary spectrum to suit specific needs, allowing them to differentiate their products from typical horticultural fixtures."

Unique and proprietary bespoke designs can be tailored to specific needs and applications. LED Engin supports emitters with customized die configuration, collections of single-color emitters shipped in pre-defined ratios, plus complete integrated system modules for easier assembly. More info can be obtained from LED Engin's sales team as well as its distributors.

For a complete list of all the available colors, PPF values and other information, visit Horticulture.

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About LED Engin, Inc.

LED Engin, based in California's Silicon Valley, specializes in ultra-bright, ultra-compact solid state lighting solutions that allow designers and engineers the freedom to create uncompromised yet energy efficient lighting experiences. The company's LuxiGen Platform - an emitter and lens combination or integrated module, delivers superior flexibility in light output, ranging from 3W to 90W, a wide spectrum of available colors, including whites, multi-color and UV, and the ability to deliver upwards of 5,000 high quality lumens to a target. The small size combined with powerful output allows for a previously unobtainable freedom of design wherever high flux density, directional light is required.

LED Engin products are sold directly through LED Engin sales channels and its distributors. They are available for immediate sampling. For additional information, find a sales representative.