LED Engin Highlights Tuneable White Solutions

At Light Symposium Wismar 2016

08.31.2016 | Products

San Jose, CA, USA: LED Engin, Inc., a leader in high flux density LED products, is using sponsorship of the Light Symposium Wismar 2016 (LSW 2016) in Germany to raise visibility of its innovative compact and dynamic tuneable white light engine solutions for human centric lighting (HCL) applications.

Held from 12 to 14 October, the LSW 2016 is an international forum that will share new insights into the effects of healthy light and lighting in daily life alongside innovative technologies and design. A wide variety of lighting professionals, educators and researchers will attend the symposium to keep up-to-date with the latest findings on how tuneable light can enhance comfort, raise productivity and improve well-being.

Renowned speakers from lighting design, art, environmental science and medical science from Canada, Germany, Norway, the UK and the US will participate at LSW 2016. Keynote speakers include lighting designer Mark Major, founding partner of international lighting design agency Speirs + Major, and scientist Alexander Wunsch, a lecturer in light medicine.

President and CEO of LED Engin, David Tahmassebi, comments: "In light of the growing demand for LED technology that serve HCL applications, LSW 2016 provides an ideal platform to showcase LuxiTuneTM - our multi-award winning tuneable solution delivering smooth CCT tuning with deep dimming for ultra-compact, ultra-bright lighting fixtures."

For more details on LSW 2016, visit www.lightsymposium.de/2016/

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About LED Engin, Inc.

LED Engin, based in California's Silicon Valley, specializes in ultra-bright, ultra-compact solid state lighting solutions that allow designers and engineers the freedom to create uncompromised yet energy efficient lighting experiences. The company's LuxiGen Platform - an emitter and lens combination or integrated module, delivers superior flexibility in light output, ranging from 3W to 90W, a wide spectrum of available colors, including whites, multi-color and UV, and the ability to deliver upwards of 5,000 high quality lumens to a target. The small size combined with powerful output allows for a previously unobtainable freedom of design wherever high flux density, directional light is required.

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