Tunable White Light Engine


LED Engin's compact LuxiTuneTM is the only single-emitter tunable white light engine designed to provide consistent, true color as it tunes from 1800K to 6500K, and dims from 100% to <1% in steps of 0.1%. For all downlighting and accenting needs where tracking the Black Body Locus and the Daylight Curve is paramount, LuxiTuneTM light engines deliver superior light quality and beam control - all with simplicity in installation and intuitive controls. Color consistency is 2 SDCM at startup and color stability is 3 SDCM throughout the operating temperature range. LuxiTuneTM comes in 2 different form factors: Gen 3.x and Gen 2.x. Gen 3.x LuxiTuneTM is a detached driver configuration, enabling the light source and the control hardware to be located in two different parts of the luminaire. Gen 2.x LuxiTuneTM is a 46mm diameter single-emitter, integrated 0-10V driver, light engine that targets the same applications as Gen3.x in smaller downlights and track lights.

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