LuxiTuneTM 2.4

A 46mm diameter single-emitter, integrated 0-10V driver, light engine

LuxiTuneTM 2.4 is a 46mm diameter single-emitter, integrated 0-10V driver, light engine that is an upgrade to LuxiTuneTM 2.3 and targets the same applications in downlights and track lights. This product supports an extended tuning range from 1800K to 6500K required by human centric lighting. At the same time, the LuxiTuneTM 2.4 design includes all the CCT tuning and dimming features of the Gen 3.1 platform.

Product Features

  • Precise color tuning a short distance below the Black Body Curve for exceptional white light
  • Color consistency stays within 3 SDCM throughout the operating temperature range
  • Tuning ranges:
    • Warm Dim Mode: Warms from 3000K to 1800K as it dims halogen-style
    • CCT Tune Mode: Tunes from 1800K to 6500K with independent brightness control
  • Accurate color rendition with CRI 92 @3000K, >90 for most of the CCT range
  • Color point/flux stable over temperature, operating range and lifetime
  • Integrated 0-10V driver, DMX/DALI/BLE options with custome wired daughter cards
  • Lux-on-Target: Smooth 24°/34°/45° beam shape with minimal wasted light and glare from compact 45mm TIR lens
  • 72lm/W in use (hot) condition including secondary optics
  • End-to-end control solution for IoT with BLE mesh technology from Casambi

Optical Characteristics @ Tc = 15 - 85°C

Luminous Flux - Light Engine @ 3000K, 100% Intensity1100 lm
Luminous Flux - Emitter only @ 3000K, 100% Intensity 1250 lm
Efficiency - Light Engine @ 3000K, 100% intensity, Tc = 65°C, 24VDC 72 lm/W
Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) rangesWarm Dim Mode3000K - 1800K
CCT Tune Mode1800K - 6500K
Color Rendering Index (CRI) @ 100% Intensity, 3000K 92
Color Consistency 3 SDCM

Beam Characteristics @ Tc = 15 - 85°C

Beam OptionsBeam Angle (FWHM)Center Beam Candlepower (CBCP) @ 100% intensityPart NumberOptical Files
Narrow Flood24°2700 cdLTC-X3T300000-1C1 with LLNF-4T08-HDownload
Flood34°1500 cdLTC-X3T300000-1C1 with LLFL-6T08-HDownload
Wide Flood45°1250 cdLTC-X3T300000-1C1 with LLWF-6T08-HDownload

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