LED Engin emitters are currently deployed in many industrial applications. While the usage is specific to the dies and application, they all leverage the shared attributes of the robust LuxiGenTM platform.

UV printer

UV Curing

LuxiGenTM UV emitters designed for rigors of high temperature offer >3x lux-on-target over industry standard and 10x savings in time. An ideal solution - high flux density, reliability and wavelength options - for UV curing and printing.

UV emitters
IR security cameras

IR Devices

With the growth in biometric scanning, machine vision, and other imaging tools, LuxiGenTM IR emitters provide high flux and very high pulsed flux density for demanding operating conditions.

IR emitters
Lab with analytical equipment

Analytical Equipment

Specialized equipment in various industries use LEDs for lighting, detection and measurements. They typically use white, UV, or color LEDs.

Brewery with LED lights

Industrial Lighting

In industrial and commercial applications that require cool white light, Cool White (CW) emitters provide high intensity sources with the excellent thermal performance of the LuxiGenTM platform.



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