Natural light

Human Centric Lighting

Light is essential, like air and water. Natural light affects many aspects of human existence and quality of life. As our modern life-styles compel us to spend more time in artificially lit surroundings, there are consequences for our well-being. Human Centric Lighting (HCL) addresses this by tailoring indoor lighting by CCT, illuminance level, time of day, spectrum and other special human needs. The benefits of HCL include increased comfort, improved well-being, reduced anxiety, engaged learning, higher productivity, faster recovery time, customized ambience and superior retail experiences. Lighting market segments - hospitality, retail, education, commercial and healthcare - are gradually realizing the value of HCL. For these reasons, HCL has captivated the attention of architects, lighting specifiers, interior designers, and building owners.The LuxiTuneTM range of products offer tunable white light engines for HCL applications and bring the benefits of natural light into everyday life.

CCT Tuning

Human bodies are attuned to the light of the sun and the effect of the circadian clock extends to sleep, mood, alertness, productivity and health, far beyond the visual perception of light. The period shortly after sunrise or before sunset is between 2000K-3000K depending on place and weather, and warmer white lighting is good for relaxing and general activities. The noon sun or a clear sky is between 4900K-6000K, and cooler white lighting is more conducive to higher productivity, alertness and concentration. People working in enclosed areas with no windows show higher levels of fatigue than workers exposed to daylight.The cognitive performance of students improves when light settings are distinctly customized for calm concentration versus energetic participation. Studies have shown that hospitalized patients recover faster when exposed to indoor lighting that mimics natural light, and dementia patients display less anxiety. As CCT and illumination levels are both important for HCL, LuxiTuneTM supports a 1800K-6500K CCT tuning range with deep dimming in 0.1% steps to <1%.

1800K-6500K TW
Restaurant lit with 3 different ambiences

Warm Dimming

In hospitality and entertainment venues, a dimmed 1800K-2200K warm glow provides the right ambience for enjoyment and relaxation. A bright warm 3000K light is more suitable for functional tasks. Old works of art are sometimes illuminated with a warm CCT resembling candlelight. These effects are supported by the LuxiTune light engine in the warm dimming mode from 3000K-1800K, much like halogen lamps.

3000K-1800K WD

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