ZELION HL300 Grow White

Product features and benefits
  • ZELION HL300 comes in 3 fixture options with specialized spectra to meet the needs of a broad range of horticulture applications
  • Up to 50% more efficient than traditional HPS and Metal Halide systems
  • Utilizes specialized OSRAM LED technology for superior performance and life
  • Dynamic control allows for optimization of spectral composition and PAR intensity
  • Optimum efficiency in the delivery of photons per watt when compared with other LED class horticulture fixtures
  • Uniform light distribution (optical system patent pending)
Areas of application
  • Commercial
  • Greenhouse
  • Indoor Growing
  • Universities
  • Research Facilities
  • Garden Centers

Information about Family

The ZELION HL300 Grow White is a 100W - 600W fully dimmable and spectra tunable LED light fixture designed for horticulture applications in collaboration with growers needing special lighting requirements. The Grow White has a combination of the Grow and Sunlight fixtures’ spectrums. This spectrum is used in climate chambers where a higher photosynthetic activity is required or by growers requiring supplemental light where color recognition and rapid, healthy growth are key factors.