XBO Xtreme Life (XL) Lamps

Product features and benefits
  • High luminance (point source)
  • Color temperature approximately 6000K - simulates daylight
  • Continuous spectrum in the visible range
  • High color rendering > 95
  • High arc stability
  • DC operation
  • Hot restart
  • Long lamp life with eXtreme Life technology
Areas of application
  • Digital
  • Film Projection
  • Spotlights
  • Searchlights
  • Solar Simulation

Information about Family

OSRAM XBO Xenon Discharge Lamps (>450W) are intensely bright and offer excellent color rendering. Originally introduced in 1954 for cinema projection, OSRAM’s innovation of XBO technology was awarded an OSCAR in 1984 for revolutionizing the film industry. Since then, the scope of applications for these high wattage XBO lamps have continued to broaden, and now they are used in spotlights for stage, studio and theatre applications, in searchlights and even in solar simulators. These eXtreme Life (XL) types offer the same high quality with extended lifetimes.


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Product Number
Nominal Wattage
Nominal Voltage
Warranty Hours (hr)
Data sheet
69525 1600 W 23 V 2500 hrs
XBO 2000W/H XL 1/CS 1/SKU
69477 2000 W 26 V 3500 hrs
69495 2000 W 28 V 3500 hrs
XBO 2500W/HS XL 1/CS 1/SKU
69507 2500 W 28 V 2200 hrs
XBO 3000W/H XL 1/CS 1/SKU
69478 3000 W 28 V 2200 hrs
XBO 3000W/HS XL 1/CS 1/SKU
69479 3000 W 29 V 2200 hrs
6000 W 37 V 750 hrs
XBO 7000W/HS XL 1/CS 1/SKU
69527 7000 W 42 V 650 hrs
XBO 4000W/HS XL 1/CS 1/SKU
69474 4000 W 30 V 1500 hrs
XBO 4500W/HS XL 1/CS 1/SKU
69542 4500 W 32 V 1400 hrs