Specialty Lampholders - Double End

Product features and benefits
  • Ceramic housings designed specifically for high temperature halogen and metal halide applications
  • High quality contact materials for optimal mechanical and electrical properties
  • UL recognized and CE certified
Areas of application
  • Halogen Fixtures
  • Metal Halide Fixtures
  • Halogen Instrumentation
  • Halogen Equipment

Information about Family

Lampholders, also referred to as sockets, are key drivers of performance in any lighting system. OSRAM socket products are of the highest quality in order to provide a safe and reliable connection that maximizes the life and performance of the lamp and socket system.

OSRAM stocks a variety of sockets with the most frequently requested lead lengths, wire gauges and wire types, and these are available to order in smaller SKU quantities. There are also additional types available on a Made-to-Order basis for higher volume requests.


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Product Number
Maximum Voltage (V)
Maximum Operating Temperature (ºC)
Lamp Base Reference
Data sheet
S26 36IN16GAULSF2 100/CS 20/SKU
69012 600 V 200 C R7s, RX7s Recessed Single Contact (RSC)
SFc104BB 12/CS 12/SKU
69098 1000 V 250 C SFc10-4 with Pre-focus
69004 1000 V 250 C SFc10-4 with Pre-focus
S26A 18IN16GAULSF2 100/CS 20/SKU
69011 600 V 200 C R7s, RX7s Recessed Single Contact (RSC)