Lok-it! Power Series (PS)

Product features and benefits
  • Compact design and short arc gap allows for smaller and brighter fixures
  • Fast lamp replacement with one-touch rotate and lock base and socket design
  • Robust design with eXtreme Seal (XS) technology, allowing up to 450°C at the pinch seal
  • Consistent lumen output over the life of the lamp
  • Improved ceramic base allows high voltage up to 35kV
  • Higher luminous efficacy than conventional HID lamps provides higher fixture efficiency
  • Power series offers enhanced performance features and versatility, including BRILLIANT lamps with high CRI and BLUE lamps that offer 7500K for bright white light
Areas of application
  • Concert lighting
  • Club & Disco
  • Stage and theatre
  • Studio, TV and film
  • Architecture & Architainment

Information about Family

OSRAM Lok-It! Power Series (PS) Lamps offer all the benefits of traditional Lok-it! lamps, while providing higher output in a more compact, yet thermally resistant design. The Power Series family also offers versatility to ensure you have the right lamp for your application. Lamps designated as “Brilliant” offer exceptional color rendering, making them ideal for applications, like theatres, where color quality is critical. The “Blue” designation provides bright white light at 7500K, providing the punch needed to cut through colors on the stage.


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Product Number
Nominal Wattage
Nominal Voltage
Color Temperature
Average Rated Life
Data sheet
Lok-it 1000/PS
55022 1000 W 82 V 6000 K 750 h
Lok-it 1000/PS Blue
55025 1000 W 85 V 7200 K 750 h
Lok-it 1400/PS Brilliant
55026 1400 W 83.3 V 6000 K 750 h
Lok-it 1700/PS
55027 1700 W 84.5 V 6000 K 750 h
Lok-it! 1800W/PS BRILLIANT
55237 1800 W 84.5 V 6000 K 750 h