Product features and benefits
  • Proven, reliable technology for entertainment and architectural fixtures
  • Designed with an outer quartz jacket providing compact and rugged construction
  • High luminous efficacy of up to 90 lumens/watt
Areas of application
  • Concert lighting
  • Club & Disco
  • Architecture & Architainment

Information about Family

The rugged design of the OSRAM HSR and HSD lamps provide optimal thermal and mechanical stability for simple handling and safe operation. HSR lamps are highly effecient and bright for entertainment effects, while the HSD family provides siimilar benefits with increased lifetimes for architectural effect lighting. The HSD family also includes a 300W lamp with the special OSRAM Lok-It! base design for safe and easy installation from the back of the fixture.


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Product Number
Nominal Wattage
Nominal Voltage
Color Temperature
Average Rated Life
Data sheet
HSR 400/60 10/CS 1/SKU
54102 400 W 67 V 6000 K 1000 h
HSR 575/60 10/CS 1/SKU
54115 575 W 95 V 6000 K 1000 h
HSR 575/72 10/CS 1/SKU
54116 575 W 95 V 7200 K 1000 h