6.6A Current Controlled Halogen - Reflector Lamps for Series Operation

Product features and benefits
  • Low maintenance costs due to long lamp life
  • Reliable and consistent light output enhances visibility over the life of the lamp
  • FAA approved in conjunction with many OEM fixtures
  • Durable construction provides resistence to the effects of vibration
  • Broad product portfolio for runway, taxiway, and approach lighting
  • IR radiation provides guidance in low visibility conditions
  • Flicker-free operation
  • Ability to reduce light output when needed
  • Mercury-free​
Areas of application
  • Airfield lighting

Information about Family

OSRAM Airfield lamps are made on state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to yield high quality lamps with precision filament alignment. The result is high performing lamps that are reliable and provide consistent light output through the rated lifetime.


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Product Number
Nominal Wattage
Average Rated Life
Data sheet
6.6A/40MR11/64333A 20/CS 1/SKU
58899 40 W 1500 h
6.6A/45MR16/64337A 45-15 20/CS 1/SKU
58907 45 W 1500 h
6.6A 45W MR16 64337B 45-15 20/CS 1/SKU
58908 45 W 1500 h
6.6A 48W MR16 64337A 48-15 20/CS 1/SKU
58891 48 W 1500 h
6.6A/48W/MR16/64338AC 20/CS 1/SKU
58894 48 W 1000 h
6.6A 64337 IRC-A 48-30 20/CS 1/SKU
59070 48 W 3000 h
66A 62W MR16 64336A 20/CS 1/SKU
58493 62 W 1500 h
6.6A 105W MR16 64339A 20/CS 1/SKU
58953 105 W 1000 h
6.6A 105W MR16 64339C 20/CS 1/SKU
58963 105 W 1000 h
6.6A/30MR16/64331AC/FL 20/CS 1/SKU
58938 30 W 1000 h