Standalone Wireless Lighting Control System

The OSRAM® SIMPLUXwireless lighting control system (SIMPLUX) is simple to specify, install, setup and manage. It is designed for non-residential spaces that seek a code compliant, energy saving solution without the complexity of traditional networked lighting management systems.

SIMPLUX is designed for spaces up to 10,000 sq. ft. and/or up to 100 nodes. With SIMPLUX, you can:

  • Meet code (ASHRAE 90.1-2016 and Title 24-2016).
  • Save money leveraging advanced energy management strategies.
  • Maintain flexibility in your lighting control schemes with individual and zonal addressability and control.
  • Control an entire circuit of plug loads (20A) at the receptacle level.
  • Reduce light levels automatically by applying demand response events to lighting circuits.
  • Protect your investment. Upgrade to ENCELIUM LMS via software when advanced functionality from a networked light management solution is required.
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