Light Management Systems

In today's competitive business environment, facility owners and managers need tools that help maximize operational efficiency of their buildings. This includes major subsystems such as Lighting Systems which are vital in helping to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for employees, tenants and guests.

OSRAM, a leading global digital lighting solution provider, offers the industry's most innovative Light Management Systems (LMS) available today. OSRAM recognizes that no one system can fit everyone's needs, so that's why OSRAM offers two powerful LMS systems for both Enterprise customers (ENCELIUM® EXTEND) and smaller-to-midsize customers (ENCELIUM EDGE™). Both systems represent the latest in light management controls (wired and wireless) for their respective applications. Each system is powerful, flexible and simple to use. Learn how the ENCELIUM EXTEND and ENCELIUM EDGE Light Management Systems can provide you with the tools you need to enable complete control of your lighting systems, big or small.