Personal Control Software

Personal Control Software

Key Features & Benefits

  • TCP/IP network traffic < 2 kb/s
  • Only a PCS equipped PC can establish a connection with the ENCELIUM® EXTEND Manager and once established, only lighting control traffic is permitted
  • The ENCELIUM® EXTEND Manager is a passive device and cannot initiate a connection to networked PCs

The Personal Control Software (PCS) is an application which enables individuals in a building to control lighting levels in their workspace from their own desktop PC. The user easily accesses PCS by clicking on a light bulb icon appearing in the system tray found on the lower right hand side of their PC screen. With this application, the user can control the light level of each fixture in their workspace or can control all of the fixtures together as a group. Preset lighting scenes may be stored, recalled and modified from this application to suit the individual’s personal preferences or task at hand.

PCS can also be used to control light levels in larger spaces such as boardrooms, conference rooms or auditoriums. In addition to the dimming functionality, PCS can be used to simply turn individual fixtures ON or OFF within that same workspace. Users can only control light fixtures assigned to their workspace according to the configuration of the system. Communication with ENCELIUM EXTEND lighting control equipment is established through a connection to the existing local area network. PCS also has the unique capability of acting as a “virtual occupancy sensor” for the system.

By detecting keyboard or mouse activity on each PC, PCS provides additional occupancy information to the system to ensure that lights remain in the desired state while a workspace is occupied. For those clients that desire personal lighting control from their desktop without the installation of the Personal Control Software application on each PC (or without a direct connection to their computer networks), OSRAM offers an Adobe Flash® web interface that mirrors the functionality of PCS called the Web Enabled Personal Control Software (PCW).

Each individual can access the interface through their web browser and achieve the same functionality and utility as with PCS with the exception of the “virtual occupancy sensor” feature which is not available with PCW. The PCW user interface is similar to that of PCS, utilizing Flash such that it will be compatible with virtually any web browser, computer operating system or network security settings. The individual fixture dimming control, ON/OFF switching and ability to save and modify pre-selected lighting scenes is identical to that of PCS. PCS is generally recommended over PCW so that users can take advantage of the virtual occupancy sensor feature of PCS.


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