Software Interface - BACnet®

BACnet Integration

Key Features & Benefits

  • Reports daylight readings by photo sensors.
  • Enables BACnet switching and dimming control.
  • Provides load shedding control over the lighting load (including for the purpose of demand response).
    • The ENCELIUM EXTEND LMS provides information about the estimated amount of lighting load available for reduction, either by selected groups (Group Sheddable Load) or in total (Sheddable Load). In turn, load shedding requests can be made for each selected group individually or the ENCELIUM EXTEND LMS can initiate prioritized load shedding by predefined zones through a single request to reduce the total lighting load.
    • Both types of load shed requests can be defined in watts to achieve precise load reduction or by the common method of shed shedding by a percentage of the current lighting load.
  • Notifies the ENCELIUM EXTEND LMS of an emergency through a BACnet connected fire alarm input to turn all lights on
  • Shares occupancy information obtained by the ENCELIUM EXTEND LMS with a BACnet client to integrate HVAC with occupancy.
  • Allows schedules defined through BACnet devices
  • Supports both centralized & distributed architectures

To ensure smooth and user-friendly integration, the BACnet Interface creates objects with names and descriptions that can be customized to accommodate any BACnet client’s naming scheme. It also exports standard BACnet object properties in a clear, structured manner and can define an unlimited number of groups of luminaires.


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