Tunable White Lighting with ENCELIUM® LMS

For Human Centric Lighting Applications

OSRAM has developed a tunable white technology as an integrated capability with the ENCELIUM® EXTEND Light Management System (LMS) for a centrally managed, connected solution. It is a highly flexible solution for a building or campus that requires an automated lighting control system across all spaces and also has individual areas where occupants could benefit from a human centric lighting (HCL) application including educational, healthcare and commercial office spaces.



TW technology is at the forefront of health and wellness applications. OSRAM TW solution takes a holistic approach to lighting by balancing the visual, emotional and biological needs of humans.



In a classroom setting, a TW solution can provide a daily light cycle that aims to approximate the natural lighting outdoors, using stimulating light midday and more relaxing light in the evening.

Commercial Office

Commercial Office

There has been much interest in commercial real estate to create sustainable buildings that improve the quality of life by making spaces brighter & healthier for us to live, work and play in.

The technology is created by combining these components, including the OPTOTRONIC® Tunable White LED Driver, Tunable White Wallstation, PrevaLED® Tunable White Light Engine and an optional Control Power Pack.

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